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Project Scope

The Major scope of the WDII Project :

  Land formation along Wan Chai North and North Point including seawalls construction;
Reprovisioning of the affected existing waterfront facilities including cross harbour water mains, submarine sewage outfall pipelines, ferry piers, cooling water pumping systems and a salt water pumping station;
  Extension of Road P2 from Central Reclamation Phase III to Wan Chai and realignment of the existing Convention Avenue;
  Modification of existing roads for connection with the slip roads of the CWB;
  Construction of a footbridge along Wan Shing Street;
  Construction of three pedestrian landscaped decks to the west of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), the north of the Wan Chai North PTI and the north of Victoria Park; and
  Construction of stormwater box culverts, stormwater drainage works, sewerage, associated associated hinterland and landscaping works.

The proposed Central - Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link is a 4.5 km long dual three-lane trunk road with a 3.7 km long tunnel. It will link up the Rumsey Street Flyover at Central with the Island Eastern Corridor at North Point near City Garden.

The major elements of the project include:  

  road tunnels and elevated roads; 
associated slip roads and approach roads to the tunnels; 
  electrical and mechanical systems, including traffic control and surveillance systems; 
  ancillary buildings for tunnel administration and ventilation; and 
  ancillary works including noise barriers, drainage and landscaping works.  


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